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The SH575 model has the exceptional tone of the SH550 with the addition of the
acclaimed GraphTech Synth Access electronics, as featured in Carvin’s breakthrough NS1
guitar. This preamp provides realistic hollow-body acoustic tone. Simply connect a guitar
synth and get orchestras, flutes and virtually any instrument at your fingertips.

Carvin’s California Single is not merely another take on a classic idea. To start,
the CS6 guitar features a premium Mahogany body and neck. The Curly Flamed
Maple top (Quilted Maple optional) is hand selected and bookmatched by seasoned
luthiers in Carvin’s California Custom Shop. Carvin’s Rapid Play Neck has been
designed with unique set-in construction. Where most set-in neck guitars have
a cumbersome heel and don’t set into the body any further than the fingerboard,
the CS6 guitar has an exclusive smooth “heel-less” design for improved access to
all frets. The neck actually sets 5 inches into the body and extends underneath the
neck pickup for greater stability and sustain over any other single-cut set-in neck
guitar. As with many other Carvin models, players can enjoy 4 different bridge
selections from Tune-O-Matic to Floyd Rose. To top it off, the California Single is
equipped with a pair of our tone enhancing Classic Humbuckers. You can also order
our S22 metal covered pickups to match your hardware.

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