ukulele indonesian productions

we make a ukulele from various types of standard sizes available, including the soprano, tenor, concert, and baritone. type of material that is in place we are solid mahogany wood, solid rosewood, teak wood, Mindi wood and some tropical timber in Indonesia. we made by hand, with the carving, sanding by hand, bending the body with the tools that are simple. You can see some of our production as follows.
Canina  Wholu Mahogany Solid
Canina Fiea Mahogany
Canina Wholu Mapel Top
Per Shape Batik
Canina Wholu Full Mapel
Canina Wholu Full Rosewood
Canina Fiea Solid Mahogany
Canina Wholu Batik 
Canina Cutaway Mahogany
Canina Cutaway Abalon
Canina Per shape Rosewood
Canina Fiea Mahogany

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